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Difference Between C And C++

C and C++ both are general-purpose programming languages , the latter being developed from the former , thus having many differences between them . Here are the major differences between the two :

C C++
C is a procedural language . C++ is an object-oriented language.
C does not support polymorphism , operator overloading and inheritance . All these features are supported in C++.
In C scanf() and printf() functions are used for reading input and showing output respectively . In C++ Cin>> and Cout<< are used for reading input and showing output respectively.
In C, we can call main() Function through other Functions In C++, we cannot call main() Function through other functions.
Exception handling is not possible in C . Exception handling is possible using try-catch blocks.
In C, malloc() , calloc() and free() functions are used for Memory allocation and freeing respectively . In C++, new and delete operators are used for memory allocation and freeing .
main() function can be called from other functions . main() function cannot be called from inside other functions.

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