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Difference Between Diesel And Petrol Cars

When it comes to buying a car , the first dilemma a person may face is whether to buy a diesel engine car or a petrol engine car . ALthough both of them have their own merits overeach other when considering various factors , we will look at the important differences between the two and discuss those differences so that we can decide their suitability to our type of requirement .

Diesel Car Petrol Car
Diesel engines are practically more efficient because they work at higher compression ratios . However , Petrol engine is more efficient than Diesel Cycle for a given compression ratio but due to its low compression ratio it becomes practically less efficient
Compression Ratio in diesel engine is as high as 24 . Compression Ratio in petrol engines is below 12 . It is due to the phenomenon of knocking . Thus , petrol engine has very low compression ratio as compared to diesel engine .
Due to higher compression ratio peak pressure is higher so , heavier components (cylinder , piston , connecting rod , crank) are required in diesel engine . Thus , a diesel engine requires much more maintenance as compared to petrol engine . Components are comparatively lighter in petrol engines. Thus , low maintenance is required by petrol cars . Comparatively low level of pressure is used in the petrol engine . Thus , it has more life than diesel engine .
Diesel Cars have more mileage than their petrol versions . Petrol cars have less mileage than diesel cars .

Now considering the above factors , one can spot out that although the efficiency of diesel engine car is more but it requires much more maintenance as compared to petrol car . Thus , It depends on type of usage and the fuel prices in your region for selecting the better option .

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