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Difference Between Myopia And Hypermetropia

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Hypermetropia and Myopia , both are refractive defects in vision and are nearly opposite in nature. Below are the differences between the two .

Myopia Hypermetropia
Myopia is also known as near-sightedness . Hypermetropia is also known as far-sightedness.
My.png Hy.png
In myopia , a person is not able to see distant objects clearly. In hypermetropia , a person is not able to clearly see the nearby objects.
In this defect , lens are not able to produce sharp image of the distant objects on the retina instead the image is formed in front of the retina . In this defect , image is formed behind the retina.
The reduction in the focal length of the eye lens may be a possible cause. The increase in focal length of the eye lens may be a cause.
Another cause can be the elongation of eye ball. It may also be caused due to flattening of the eyeball .
Myopia can be corrected by using concave lens of suitable focal length. Hypermetropia may be corrected using convex lens of suitable focal length .
My-cor.png Hy-cor.png

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