Difference Between On Site SEO And Off Site SEO

SEO is the most preliminary requirement for indexing your website in a search engine's results . SEO is of two types : On Site SEO and Off SIte SEO :

On-Site SEO Off-Site SEO
On-Site SEO is the process of optimizing page's structure so that your site appeals more to your targeted keywords . This includes using relevant meta-tag keywords , meta-description , all tags and urls . Off site works a little differently, and requires more monitoring. In offsite traffic is diverted from other websites relating to your industry .
A search engine analyzes a website technically . More the website technically sound better is the indexing . One of the best ways is by finding other websites that are prominent in your industry, and writing guest blogs for them.This way, your site is linked to theirs. Major search engines see these links and your site traffic will increase!
It can be achieved by (i) Adding keywords to meta tags , titles , urls . It involves (i) Content Marketting .
(ii) Checking responsiveness of the site (ii) Press release .
(iii) Removing duplicate content . (iii) Social Websites Marketting
(iv) Analyzing inbound traffic (iv) Link exchanging with popular sites

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