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Difference Between Two Stroke Engine And Four Stroke Engine

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Two-stroke engine Four-stroke engine
Two-stroke engine has ports for inlet , outlet and transfer. Four-stroke engine has two complicated valves , one for inlet and one for outlet .
Two-stroke engine gives one power stroke in each revolution of the crank-shaft. Four-stroke engine gives one power stroke in two revolutions of the crank-shaft.
For same size, same speed and same running conditions two stroke engine developes twice the power developed by four-stroke engine. Power developed by four-stroke engine for same size , same speed and same running conditions is almost half same running condition is almost half of the power developed by two-stroke engines.
It provides simplicity as valves, rocker arms, push-rods ,cam and cam shafts are not required to operate ports. Due to valves , rocker arms , push rods , cam and cam shafts construction is complicated and friction loss is also greater.
High temperature is attended during the operation of two stroke engine hence more cooling is required. Lower operating temperature in comparison to two-stroke engines. Less cooling is required.
Two stroke engines are much easier to start. Four stroke engines are difficult to start.
The initial cost is considerably less. The initial cost is considerably high.

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