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Difference Between Theory And Hypothesis

Theory Hypothesis
Theory is derived from Greek word theoria meaning a looking at, viewing, beholding Hypothesis is derived from a Greek word hupothesis meaning to put under or to suppose .
A theory provides an explanatory framework for some observation . A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon .
Conventionally , a theory was defined as that an arbitrary conjecture (that is, a statement of fact that you think might be true) starts off as a hypothesis, before you've tested it, and becomes a theory, once it's validated. A hypothesis is something which has a scientific method available to be tested by .
In practice , theory tends to refer to some well-developed way of thinking about a problem . A hypothesis refers to a provisional idea whose merit requires evaluation .
A theory is a model/mechanism that corresponds to the available evidence and as such should predict the outcome of an experiment accurately. In simple , a hypothesis is a guess which could be tested upon by scientific methods for finding out its accuracy or falseness .

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