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Wikidifferences:Beginner's Guide

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Welcome to!

This page is a how-to guide for beginners on how to write articles on wikidifferences and how to contribute (so as to make a fruitful and entertaining learning reference work), and build up the online community.

How to Contribute

Contributing to Wikidifferences is very easy. All you need is enthusiasm and interest in whatever you contribute to.

You could write up on your favorite intrests, patrol recent changes, seeing which edits stay and which can go, Special:RequestArticle, or anything else between.

Write An Article

If you want to write a new article, it's recommended that you first visit the list of requested articles, (which is also shown on the sidebar under the "contribute" heading) where you may find suggestions for writing a new article. Otherwise, visit the Special:CreateArticle page to create a new article from scratch.

To write, first, above the <tab> code, write an introduction to your topic. Next, on the lef side of the first |, write the first item, and on the right side, write the other topic. Below that, keep on listing differences, adding more |s if needed.

Request An Article

This special page is for requesting new articles on the wiki which have not been created yet .

Answer A Request

This special page is a listing of all the articles requested by other users on the wiki.

Patrol Recent Changes

Patrol Recent Changes and Special:RecentChanges both show recent changes on the site.

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