Difference Between Ac Welding Machine And Dc Welding Machine

Apart from having different sources for power i.e AC or DC , there are many other differences between AC welding machine and DC welding machine .

A.C Welding Machine D.C Welding Machine
AC welding machine comprises a step down transformer . DC welding machine comprises a generator driven by an electric motor or an engine.
It is simpler in operation and less costlier . Complicated operation and cost is two to three times more as compared to that of a transformer.
There are no moving parts so no wear and tear .Thus less maintenance. Due to many moving parts , much wear and tear . Thus , requires more maintenance.
High operating efficiency about 85%. Low efficiency about 30 to 60%.
Less electrical energy consumption per kg of metal deposited , about 3-4 kWh. Higher electrical energy consumption per kg of metal deposited , about 6 to 10 kWh.
Power Factor is low , requires capacitors for correction . Power Factor is comparatively high.
Occupies less space Occupies comparatively less space .

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