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Difference Between Concentration And Meditation

Concentration Meditation
Concentration amounts to focusing all one’s attention or mental ability. Meditation is the process by which the thoughts that arise in the mind are cut.
In short it can be said that concentration consists in the act or power of focusing one’s attention. The thoughts are cut as and when they arise in the mind.
Concentration is very important for students. For instance, imagine a situation where you have to study well in order to pass an exam. You will only be able to study well if you concentrate on the work alone. Meditation makes us capable to cover the journey to heaven. Meditation integrates the power the know ourself and everyone have to meditate to get know-how they are actually from inside.
Concentration involves thoughts. Meditation does not involves thoughts.
Philosophers say that the concentration is possible only when the mind is controlled. Experts of Yoga say that meditation consists in the retention of the state of thoughtlessness for a stipulated period of time.
One can easily concentrate by paying their full attention to the work or the thoughts. Meditation requires a peaceful state of mind as our thoughts are unlimited.

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