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Difference Between Gymnosperms And Angiosperms

Gymnosperms Angiosperms
The plants bear naked seed. Seeds are surrounded by fruits.
The male and female sex organs are carried by saprophyte. Flowers are the general organs which carry male and female lovemaking organs.
Ovules are not surrounded by ovary. Ovules are surrounded by ovary.
Plants are evergreen, parental and woody. Plants are annual, biennial or perennial.
Xylem vessels are absent. Vessels are present in Xylem.
Phloem does not contain companion cells. Phloem has companion cells.
Gymnosperms are configured as cones. Angiosperms also known as flowering plants.
Example of Gymnosperms is Pinus, Cycas, etc . Example of angiosperms is Coconut tree, Bamboo etc

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