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Hello there, I'm Nicolas Wolfe, otherwise known as OoT2D or Nick. Welcome to my user page!

About Me

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I'm a teenage boy who loves video games and wikis. I'm Abhishek's apprentice-like sidekick. I discovered Wikidifferences in a forum where Abhishek posted a link to this website. I joined, got promoted to a Bureaucrat, and have been editing ever since.

My specialty on Wikidifferences is tech-like things; I love fixing broken links and creating templates. If you have a question about Wikidifferences, see me or Abhishek.

I am part of several other wikis too, including:

  • Gamepedia
  • Wikia
  • Bulbapedia
  • wikiHow
  • Wikipedia
  • MediaWiki
  • Zeldawiki

And that's enough about me. What about you? How did you find Wikidifferences? What other wikis are you part of?

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