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==Welcome to Wikidifferences !==
The site hosts content related to differences between similar terms and entities , which can be created and edited by everyone. However , we try to maintain an effective and convenient approach for conveying the information .
Everyone is free to contribute Wikidifferences in their own style . But However, we prefer and recommend the following points to be followed while during content creation.
===Article Specifications===
A good article is one which can be easily be understood by even a person who is new to the topic . So , getting in with directly writing the key differences may not be a wonderful choice.
The article should begin with a short introduction and description of the terminologies involved . Then , their differences should be tabulated . It is always great to give a detailed and vivid description about the topic while writing.
===How to Write an Article===
Writing an article is very easy . The articles should have differences in tabulated form , as memtioned above. Whenever an article is created , some text is preloaded . All you need to do is prepare your data in rows, with fields separated by bar bars ( | ). Place the data information inside the <nowiki><tab></tab> </nowiki>tags .as shown below;:
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